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Help & Support

ONLINE SUMMIT: Sept. 26-28


The new sessions are not showing up each hour?

You need to refresh your browser to see the next session.
For Windows: ctrl + F5
Mac: Apple + R or command + R
iPhone: Click on the top right circle icon with the arrow in your browser window

How do I login to the Summit to watch the speakers?

You can access the Summit here.


How do I make the speaker session video bigger or full screen?

To have the video take up your full screen, click on the bottom right icon on the video.

How can I be part of the live Q&A after the pre-recorded speaker interview is finished?

Once the speaker session is complete, at approx. :40 after the hour, click on the “Live Q&A link” for that speaker.

If I’ve already registered for the 3 free days, what’s the link for the 30 day upgrade to have access to the interviews until the end of October?

You can upgrade to the 30 Day Pass here.

When can I see the Summit interviews?

Every day during the Summit, eight interviews will go live throughout the day, and you can watch each for the duration of the 3 day Summit.

How do I watch the live sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you have been registered for the event. If you do not receive the email please notify us at and we will work to find your registration. You will also want to check your spam folder as some companies have advanced firewalls that can sometimes stop automatic emails from coming through. Once the event starts we will then send you daily email notifications letting you know when training sessions are released for you to view.

I can’t attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes, the recording for each session will be available for the duration of the Summit. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those dates. You can also purchase a Summit 30 Day Pass to get access to all the interviews till the end of October.