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3 Day Schedule

ONLINE SUMMIT: Sept. 27-29


The Summit has arrived.

Here’s to a couple days of being inspired and taking action.

Day 1 | Wednesday
September 27, 2017

(All times are Central Time Zone)

Day 1 sessions are brought to you by:

8am - 9am | Welcome & Kickoff

One of the few times (if ever) that this All-Star lineup has been all together in one place. To kick off the Summit with a bang, we’ll discuss the state of our industry from their individual perspectives and glean their wisdom on a gym owner’s best chances of success in the changing climate of running a gym.

9am - 10am | What Does Culture Really Look Like In Your Gym?

One thing is for certain. Your gym has its own culture. Culture is one of those topics that, when brought up, tends to elicit varying responses and reactions. Good leaders see it as the very lifeblood of their business and the primary driver which determines the success or failure of their bottom line. In this session, Hoby will teach us what it takes to have an irresistable culture.
by Hoby Darling

10am - 11am | Website Essentials & Relevant Gym Marketing

Your website is the online version of your gym. People will decide within 3-5 sec of looking at your website if they want to give you their business. Gone are the days you can get away with a unprofessional website. If your site does not look solid and is easy to use, you are losing potential clients. Guaranteed. In this session, Clay & Matt share what are the “must haves” in a website that converts leads into paying members and then dive into relevant marketing for your gym.
by Matt Scanlon & Clay Weldon

11am - 12pm | Corporate Accounts, Multiple Locations, & AMRAP Mentality

In this session, Jason talks about his experiences with multiple locations, how to best approach corporate accounts and living by the AMRAP mentality. This session will be jam-packed with useful advice to grow your gym.
by Jason Khalipa

12pm - 1pm | Developing Your Strategic, Tactical Plan For Success

We all want to grow our businesses, but only a surprisingly few amount of gym owners have created an actionable plan for that growth. This is similar to going on a trip without a map or destination. In this session, Julie will walk you step-by-step through a Strategic Planning tool that will help you get a plan in place to realize the success you want.
by Julie Weldon

1pm - 2pm | AED’s, Equipment Maintenance, Kids Corners, Competitions, & Health Care

It’s all in the name: Affiliate Guard. That’s what Vaughn Vernon does best. He’s been guarding affiliates for over a decade. Vaughn makes it his business to know what could affect yours–even before it does. His arsenal includes over twenty years of insurance experience and an in-house legal team ready to spring at a moment’s notice should you need them. The best part about Vaughn? He answers the phone. Every. Day. Vaughn joins the Growth Summit to talk about critical things that affect us all like AED’s, waivers, Kid Care Corners, competitions, equipment maintenance and unexpected risks that box owners unknowingly face everyday. His newest offering? Affiliate Share–an alternative to traditional health care designed for athletes looking for a better way.

by Vaughn Vernon

2pm - 3pm | Increase Your Confidence, Increase Your Profits

In speaking with hundreds of gym owners through mentorship groups, online forums, and in person, Jamie has observed that having confidence in yourself to deliver a high value athlete experience is paramount to success. Confidence is what instills a culture of excellence. Confidence is what steadies the ship in rocky times. Confidence is what gives your staff belief in the vision of the gym. This confidence comes from within us. It is how we believe the world sees us and how we see the world. This confidence is what drives us to continue to do and be better. Confidence is learned. It takes practice. In this session, Jamie will discuss the daily, small steps we can we take to build the kind of confidence (not bravado) that yields improved culture, value, athlete experience, and, yes, profits.

by Jamie Gallagher

3pm - 4pm | The Top Facebook Ad Questions Answered

Facebook Ads is the best paid advertising you can do for your gym. But, with the software changing so quickly, it’s tough to keep up. In this session, we’ll dive in and answer the top Facebook Ad Campaign questions from gym owners. Don’t miss this one. There will be a lot of tactical information shared.
by Josh Sturgeon

4pm - 5pm | Providing an Amazing Client Experience

As the microgym market continues to expand and high intensity group exercise becomes more commoditized, we as business owners need to start differentiating ourselves from the pack. This is done in many different ways. For example, maybe you go to your favorite hole-in-the-wall Irish pub because of the community, you may shop at Apple and Lululemon because of the sophistication and quality of their product, and you eat at particular restaurants because you love the vibe and aesthetics, even more than you may love the food. What is it about your business that makes you stand apart? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t your coaching or amazing community. We have to think beyond that. We have to truly immerse ourselves in the CLIENT EXPERIENCE. In this session, Stuart will speak on the tried and true methods of client experience that have worked thus far in our industry, the ones that are slowly becoming less important in buying decisions and the ones that are not getting as much airplay as they should.

by Stuart Brauer

Day 2 | Thursday
September 28, 2017

(All times are Central Time Zone)

Day 2 sessions are brought to you by:

8am - 9am | Intentionally Using Movement To Increase Your Effectiveness

The Language of Movement, a language embedded in our DNA and which we all claim to speak as coaches and athletes, is one of the biggest holes in our ability to add value to our members. In Carl’s talk he will help you flip the code of movement inside out to provide you with effective tools to communicate with your athletes in the most simple, clear and compelling manner.

Carl will also address The Power of Developing Infinitive Movement Progressions to create the most inclusive program for your members. An infinite progression will allow you to ramp up the most novice athletes and challenge the most advanced, in addition to providing your members with program adherence, tangible progress metrics and ultimately client retention.

Finally, Carl will share some of his most valuable techniques for Identifying Strength, Roles and Impact of the Coaches and Members by using what he calls The 3 Super Power exercise.
by Carl Paoli

9am - 10am | Leadership In Your Gym

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C Maxwell. Are you are having trouble getting the right members in the gym, getting your coaches to understand what you want, or feel like your gym is running you rather than the other way around?? As a CrossFit gym owner, we are in the business of people, not widgets, and all the newest tactics and tricks will not solve your problem until you know the way, go the way, and show the way through clear and authentic leadership. In this talk with Chris, we will ask the hard questions of what life do you want to live, what it means to you to be a leader, and are you up for the task? By creating a leadership persona and a business that supports it, you will attract the coaches, staff, and members that align with your vision and live life in such alignment with your values that you will feel like you never work a day again.

by Chris Marhefka

10am - 11am | Incorporating Individual Design Into Your Gym

In fitness, there are multiple ways to succeed. What Opex aims to provide is the education to upgrade the coach to client relationship at all levels within fitness facilities, and Individual Design accomplishes that. Join Jim and James for a frank discussion on why we implement this in all of our gyms, how it can benefit yours, and how you can grow your business in whatever model you are in!

by Jim Crowell/James Fitzgerald

11am - 12pm | A Clear Mission In Life Directs The Decisions You Make

Understanding your mission/passion/purpose is a critical component to making good, intentional decisions. In this session, Julie will help you get clear on your purpose and help give you a lens to see your future through. By hearing her story, you’ll be able to get crystal clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing.

by Julie Foucher

12pm - 1pm | The Power of Your Video Footprint on Social Media

In this session, you will learn the true power of video and highly effective ways you can start incorporating video into your marketing immediately! Video technology is at your fingertips in ways you probably don’t even realize… and we plan to change that. You will learn new things about Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and SnapChat and how to up your Social Media game to a whole new level. You’re also going to learn how to effectively capture high quality videos and present them through various apps and other tools you already have. This one is jammed packed with actionable content you can use right away!
by Patch Baker

1pm - 2pm | Guiding The Customer Journey

In this session, Sara will show you how to map your current customer journey and dive deeply into how to plug the gaps in that journey so you can attract and convert ideal members for your gym. The idea doesn’t just get you to the point when someone joins your gym, but the experience after they join, and how we turn them into loyal and repeat members that also refer. Sara will talk about the seven stages of the Marketing Hourglass that maps out the customer journey which include how to get members to know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, and refer you.

by Sara Nay

2pm - 3pm | Programming For Retention

The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.” (CrossFit) How much do you think about your programming as an opportunity to not just give your clients results but to provide the opportunity for quality coaching, building community and developing relationships, and fostering growth in your affiliate? The training session that you provide your clients with every day will impact all of these and permeate far beyond just a workout. It makes your gym more or less welcoming, builds or tears apart communities, and excels or inhibits results. Chris loves the art of programming for all of these reasons, tune into this session to better understand some simple concepts to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

by Chris Spealler

3pm - 4pm | “Money Making Machine” – No Need to Add Members - Profit First

If you haven’t heard of (or set up) the Profit First system in your business, it’s a game changer. Profit First is a cash flow management system for your business that works. In this session, John will discuss the Profit First model, unpack the 4 Core Principles, provide an instant assessment tool, help determine TAP’s and a Roll out Plan, define the 10/25 day, and help you better analyze your expenses. Want to finally get in control of the financial state of your business? Don’t miss this one!
by John Briggs

Day 3 | Friday
September 29, 2017

(All times are Central Time Zone)

Day 3 sessions are brought to you by:

8am - 9am | Organizing And Mobilizing A Small Team For Great Impact

Non-profits are tough businesses to run successfully. They are expected to provide large social impact with small overhead and limited resources. Sounds a lot like running a CrossFit gym, right?? Z’s learning’s in building Barbells for Boobs started when she opened her own affiliate almost 10 years ago. In this session, Z will discuss some of the best business practices she’s used to foster the growth and culture of Barbells for Boobs. She’ll dig into how to cultivate passion, growth and social impact on a tight budget.

by Zionna Hanson

9am - 10am | Understanding Business Valuation: An Objective Approach to Preparing for a Subjective Process

It’s natural to be curious about what your business is worth. If you are like most owners, your business probably represents your largest personal asset, so having a basic understanding of its value is a necessary and important component to thinking strategically about your future – both personally and professionally. What’s arguably more important than your own valuation estimate; however, is understanding how a third party would approach valuing your business, and how that approach may change based on the circumstances of the situation. For example, an owner seeking funding to accelerate growth should understand that a bank will evaluate their business very differently than an equity investor would. And similarly, an owner pursuing a sale of their business is likely to face a buyer with a different set of considerations and criteria. In this session, Clay will break down the fundamentals of business valuation and discuss best practices to help you prepare for, and maximize the value of, your business.

by Clay Ferrer

10am - 11am | Mistakes Along The Way Get You To Your Success

Authenticity goes a long way. In this session, CJ gets real and talks about mistakes he’s made along the way that have gotten him to the successes he experiences today. You’ll hear about running multiple programs, creating professional roles for coaches, doing private and/or semi-private coaching.
by CJ Martin

11am - 12pm | Building A Great Community

Your community will define your box. How can you build a great community that sponsors high retention, positive referrals and a welcoming, motivating, growing family? It starts before you open your doors and progresses through how you communicate with your members, how you select your staff and coaches and how you present yourself and your box.
by Don Moss

12pm - 1pm | Providing A "10" Customer Experience

The Customer Experience in your business can be evaluated with one question: How do I provide value on a consistent basis? It’s not enough for a business to provide value to a customer 6 out of 10 interactions…it needs to be 10 out of 10. In a gym, how can you do this for your members? How can you do it for Drop-Ins? Then, how can you duplicate that process at another gym with new coaches and customers? The answer is in having systems and staff that provide convenience and solve problems.
by Zach Forrest

1pm - 2pm | Knowing Your Core Values And How to Effectively Hire & Fire

Establishing and being confident in your Core Values is essential for every part of running a business. Your values are what should drive every decision you make. In this session, Ben draws from his experience and his core values and will discuss the key things to pay attention to when hiring and firing people.
by Ben Bergeron

2pm - 3pm | Building Retail

In this session, PJ will walk us through his experience with the do’s and don’t’s of setting up a successful retail program. He will unpack how to diversify your retail lineup, how to grow your retail 1% at a time, and the importance of only choosing products you believe in. He’ll then break it down even further by giving specific tactics to increase your bottom line.
by PJ Menagh

3pm - 4pm | Building Better Affiliates by Building Better Coaches

Investing in your team will pay huge dividends for your members. If your coaches are excited, continually learning and passionate, your gym will stand out among your competition.
by Pat Barber